Worst. Host. Ever.

Worst Host Ever

I believe that over these past two weekends, I’ve experienced the worst technical / commercial service in my lifetime. Myriad Network, a web host used by my company and hundreds or thousands of other technology providers and resellers, was apparently surreptitiously sold off in parcels to various companies recently – unbeknownst to hundreds (possibly all) of their customers. The covert migration last weekend to new servers registered to EMC Telecom in Mesa, Arizona (where Myriad Network is now addressed at a Mesa-area Mailboxes Etc, no less) resulted in scores of active commercial sites, including several clients my company serves, going dark on a very busy weekend. A week ago Saturday our server IP addresses were switched on us without notification, costing us a half day of downtime for a number of clients. This Saturday, our VDS sites were all down entirely, some are still down. It seems that Myriad no longer exists, but is now a patchwork of outsourced providers including supportcenter.tv filling in remotely by support ticket only. I was told ‘there are no Supervisors today ‘ when I asked for one. This massive thread is truly epic, and describes the gory events blow by blow from dozens of our peers. Clearly time to move on down the road. Based on our best intel, we’re going in two directions based on spec – crucial web hosting’s semi-dedicated container package tailored specifically for our e-commerce clients’ needs, and also mosso, which is a branch of Rackspace. More updates at some point I’m sure. What a fiasco.