WordPress Capitalized


Saw today on TechCrunch that Automattic, the folks who created WordPress, received $160M in venture funding – its largest ever capital infusion. From TC:

WordPress finds itself in an interesting spot these days. According to some stats, it powers 22 percent of the world’s top 10 million websites (including TechCrunch). But it’s also at an interesting inflection point in its history. What was a basic and easy-to-install blogging software platform a few years ago is now becoming a more fully-featured content management system.

That history is also a becoming a burden, however, because the software wasn’t designed for this kind of use case. This shift happened organically as users and designers took the open WordPress platform and started adding more functionality on top of it. Just compare any commercial WordPress theme today with one from just two years ago. This is what allowed it to grow, but it’s also grown more complex in the process. Today on the platform, you can run anything from a single-page landing page to a professional magazine-like publication with millions of users.

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