Re: Rewrite


It’s often said that we’re living in the Digital Age. But even Internet startups use paper. In fact, some research suggests businesses continue to retain 90 percent of their information on paper — paper that is routinely thrown away after just a single use. 

Annunciation is proud to be somewhat of an exception – we use *very* little paper day to day or for routine business functions.  Nonetheless, we’re excited by the prospect of rewritable paper – and researchers have recently developed such a thing.

The film paper can be returned to its fully saturated color state with just a simple heating. Each piece can be erased and written on again twenty or more times with no compromise in contrast resolution.

“This rewritable paper does not require additional inks for printing, making it both economically and environmentally viable,” Yadong Yin, a professor of chemistry who oversaw the lab work, explained in a press release. “It represents an attractive alternative to regular paper in meeting the increasing global needs for sustainability and environmental conservation.”

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