Spill vs. Earth

Amazing app by Paul Rademacher using Google Earth to show the current Deep Horizon spill volume – in place, and relative to major cities.  Check it out here. More »

You Can Help.

Found this recently, and it brought me back to high school in the 1980s, when punk rock was still fighting the good fight against the evils of the music industry.  These days, it seems they won the war ;-)  “Home Taping” has such a ring to it… More »

Flash Wars.

Kind of funny back & forth this past week from Apple and Adobe.  Adobe apparently debuted a strange passive-aggressive ‘We Heart Apple’ campaign – while conducting a flame war with Steve Jobs et al.  Apple’s (apparently fake) response is below.  Heh. More »

Back for More.

I played guitar for this band in the late Eighties.  Looking forward to seeing them later this month! More »

Peace Nerds.

Neat quickie shot of the stuff on our mantle at my office at Annunciation Interactive.  Photo by our friend and client David Guidry of Lakeside Photoworks.  The ‘Peace’ card was from our buddy Jake at PeopleMover last Xmas I think. More »

Won’t Bow. Don’t Know How.

David Simon’s new HBO series ‘Treme’ debuted last Sunday, and I got to watch it recently.  It’s always tough to see New Orleans portrayed by the outside world, but Treme does so relatively well.   Gorgeous cinematography, great music and vibe – so we’ll try to forgive the heavy-handed cultural name dropping and awkward references.  All… More »

DMC New Orleans

I’ve always been a bit of a turntablism geek, and hope to get down to the Hookah Club for this national, umm, battle.  Regardless, some of the older championships have been pretty insane. More »

TrustoCorp Truth.

Check out this great Flickr set here. Decorating the streets of Los Angeles, Miami and New York City, street artist TrustoCorp adds personality to Metropolitan areas with these hand painted street signs. While all of the signs are amusing, some of them seem to carry a social message, while others come off a bit lighter…. More »

Square Coke Box.

Really neat packaging design concepts, apparently from a freshman student.  Good article here. More »

Power Users Dominate.

Interesting stats article today on about Twitter users’ usage.  I was going to link it up here, but the front-page PopURLs mention crashed mashable.  It basically said something to the effect that only about 21% of users had actually tweeted more than 10 times.  Something like 34% had only tweeted once. I’m intrigued by… More »

Crack Lock.

I haven’t actually tried this yet, but I’ve always been intrigued by locks and their vulnerabilities.  This diagram purports that any combination lock can be cracked relatively quickly with an applied process.  Hmmm. More »

The 1-second Flight.

I believe that this is from Intel’s lobby.  Really puts Moore’s Law and the explosive expansion of technology in perspective. More »

UI Realism.

I was a huge fan of Marvel Comics growing up, and love Scott McCloud’s books on comic art’s ability to communicate across languages via symbology, etc.  Found an article recently by Lukas Mathis of that applies cartoon principles to User Interface (UI) design.  Not quite ‘less is more’, but rather ‘just enough is correct’… More »

Come On, Apple.

I saw this described as passive aggressive warfare this morning.  Adobe’s taking the gloves off re: Apple’s mobile Flash support (or lack thereof).  Seems they’re taking a lead from the ‘Death to IE6’ shame campaign also being waged very publicly. More »

United Breaks (and Loses)…

Brutal.  I remember seeing a blurb about this Canadian guitar player a while back – he flew United and they broke his $1200 guitar and refused to fix it.  So he wrote a song about it and posted it up on YouTube.  5.8 million views later, United wises up and invites him to their HQ… More »


Our friend Travis in Breaux Bridge has released CSS Fu – a batch CSS Gallery submitter. It’s still in beta, and submissions are currently free – check it out! More »

Bon Voyage, Jonah.

My business partner of more than two years, Jonah Langenbeck, is making a big career move, recently accepting the Interactive Media Manager position at the National WWII Museum. We partnered back in 2007 and spent the last two years working (sometimes frantically) on dozens of websites and interactive assets for various local and national clients…. More »

The Great Trash Island.

I’ve been curious for a long time about this reputed ‘Great Trash Island’ floating out in the Pacific Ocean.  Here, it’s addressed at a recent TED conference.  Pretty dumbfounding.  We reap what we sow… More »

Ramen Profitable.

Interesting article on titled The New Internet Start-Up Boom: Get Rich Slow that makes some good observations about new breed small businesses. I particularly like the concept of Noodleconomics. The term ramen profitable was coined by Paul Graham, a Silicon Valley start-up investor, essayist and muse to LILO (little in; lots out) entrepreneurs. It… More »

Wearable Sixth Sense.

Wow. Pattie Maes & Pranav Mistry: Unveiling the “Sixth Sense,” game-changing wearable tech at the 2009 TED Conference. Takes the Microsoft Surface concept from a couple years ago and frees it from any particular substrate for a truly portable system that the speakers claim could be at cost parity with an average cell phone once… More »

Erik Below Sea Level.

Our friend Erik ‘the k is black‘ Kiesewetter has launched an updated portfolio here, and it’s (as he’d say) ‘bangin’. He’s a great talent and we work with him often. Ask him about his Bike® Shorts. More »