The Essence of Things

Really enjoyed The Essence of Things – Design and the Art of Reduction: An Exhibition of the Vitra Design Museum which opened last weekend at the New Orleans Museum of Art. More »

Ali Bomaye

CREDIT: ZENON TEXEIRA/FAMEFLYNET As a child of the 70s, I was an enormous fan of Muhammad Ali. I remember first seeing the iconic 1968 Esquire cover as a young boy, and wondering what the ‘slings and arrows’ allusion referred to. It later became clearer to me that his courage in the face of resistance was… More »

St. Charles Vision

We were very pleased to revamp St. Charles Vision’s main website in early 2016, bringing it over to WordPress from Expression Engine, and developing a highly-flexible section manager for simple custom page creation. More »

Believe (almost) Nothing.

Saw a great article reminding folks to challenge tech claims – A Brief History Of Tech Bulls#1t from Guest blogger Owen Thomas on the mattermark blog: So here’s how to detect bullshit in the business world, the Owen Thomas way: Is a company showing you metrics, figures, or numbers of any kind? Basically, are you… More »

Six Million Site Attacks in 16 Hours

  Site security has steadily become a more overt and pressing challenge globally, and WordPress’ rising ubiquity makes it an obvious target for nefarious attempts and exploitation. One of Annunciation’s preferred security tool providers (Wordfence) recently published the below results of a 16-hr audit of attacks to illustrate the scope and volume of these threats:… More »

Website Project Briefs

This is a short but lovely guide for developing a meaningful brief for your technology project. From The 6 things that should be included in any project brief… More »


Wow, interesting news this week: Popular WordPress theme and commerce provider WooThemes has apparently been acquired by WordPress (Automattic)… More »


Rest in Peace Blues Boy King, the third and last of the Three Kings. How Blue Can You GetLive in Cook County Jail 1971 More »

The Godmother

Had an interesting conversation this morning about Sister Rosetta Tharpe, an early pioneer in the crossover movement from sacred to secular music, and quite a rocker… More »


  Received a six-pack of these as a gift, and excited to check them out.  That said, they just arrived, and we’d pre-ordered them 18 months ago. 18. Months. Ago.  Not cool, bro. More »

Brutus Interruptus

Good post From the WPLift site about protecting your WordPress site from Bruteforce login attacks.  Lots of best practices including changing your Admin username, limiting login attempts, renaming key files, and more.  It also details some plugin options for tightening up WP sites. If you run a security monitor or tool that logs unsuccessful login… More »


Iatoia shared this Cut Feather Artwork by Chris Maynard recently.  Really incredible.  Full set/source at This Is Colossal. More »

Re: Rewrite

It’s often said that we’re living in the Digital Age. But even Internet startups use paper. In fact, some research suggests businesses continue to retain 90 percent of their information on paper — paper that is routinely thrown away after just a single use.  Annunciation is proud to be somewhat of an exception – we… More »

Botched SWAT

This interactive map created by Washington Post journalist Radley Balko and the libertarian Cato Institute shows botched paramilitary police raids across the U.S. The map focuses on the use of heavily armed SWAT teams who use forced entry to storm homes unannounced, usually while inhabitants are sleeping. As many as 40,000 of these raids happen… More »

Cash 2.0

Love seeing currency re-imagined. These are (real) Norwegian bills, and concepts for U.S. notes. More »

Augmented Ice Cream

We’re not certain that our ice cream needs augmentation, but the potential applications of AR are tantalizing.  For a few years, augmented reality has been a tease in search of a cause.  Much like the QR code, there’s been plenty of buzz around the technology, but limited success in terms of creative and strategic deployments. … More »

Programming Sucks

As a bit of a respite, here’s some of the funniest stuff we’ve seen about the nature of programming, from   Remember that stuff about crazy people and bad code? The internet is that except it’s literally a billion times worse. Websites that are glorified shopping carts with maybe three dynamic pages are maintained… More »

Buzzword Bingo

As some of us are children of the 80s, it’s interesting to see Weird Al Yankovic’s newly-resurgent popularity.  We love his new assault on buzzwords – Mission Statement, indeed…   More »

Black Tie

Really excited to see a new Kickstarter campaign for Dave Gandy, the creator of Font Awesome.  In his words: While my plan for Black Tie is to create a commercial icon font (hey, a man’s gotta eat!) I am still very committed to maintaining and improving the original Font Awesome. That’s why I’ve built rewards… More »

Responsive Era

We’ve been building almost exclusively with responsive layouts for the past couple of years. This ‘History of Responsive Web Deisgn’ blurb from wikipedia sums up nicely the inevitability of this major shift in web design… More »

1000 FPS Ground Tricks

Big fans of hi-speed camera stuff already, but seeing the control and grace of these street skaters is pretty amazing…   More »