Highrise Hijinks.


Kind of an inside joke – my sister and I both worked at The Clorox Company in Oakland, at their corporate highrise on Broadway. While I was there, working in the Creative Services department, I’d done a photo shoot with a lot of Pine-Sol product, and ended up with a few gallons of it that I needed to get rid of. I was working long hours, and was pretty beat, with a long commute back into the city coming – so I went to the men’s bathroom and dumped the leftover Pine-Sol down a toilet and flushed.

Big mistake. I didn’t realize it at the time, but when the offending load of cleanser hit the lowest point of gravity in the building – the basement – it exploded into a massive cloud of foam, blowing out pipes and flooding the mailroom and basement facilities with lemon and original scent Pine-Sol foam. Maybe some ‘rain fresh’ as well. My boss at the time, who is a great guy, sucked it up and shielded me from full-on trouble…

Live and learn.